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Welcome to
Brienne Dubh's world

Escape into books where dark meets light & stories have bite

My dear voracious readers,

come in and take a look around.  

If your appetite for reading is as insatiable as mine,

then I'm sure I'll have something for all your tastes. 

From sweet romances and steamy hookups to demons, vampires, and nefarious creatures of the night. 

Whether you're looking for a dark and twisted horror, a humorous contemporary, or a hot and spicy erotic tale, this is the place for you.  

Scary, sexy, & steamy, I've got them all.  

Try the sneak peek samples below to find the right book for you.

Anchor 1
Red Rose

The Naughty Corner

Stories to satisfy all your romantic needs plus

 love, lust, and all that comes in between.

King And Hunt: A Lust Hate Story

If you enjoyed this little taster then come inside for the full ride

Night Fright Reads

They Come Out After Dark

Step into a world of magic, monsters, and urban fantasy creatures. This is where it gets a shade darker and things go bump in the night.

They Come Out After Dark - High Resolution (1).jpg

If that little bite has whet your appetite, then proceed below to devour more. 

Haunted House
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